24 Mar 2013

my week #49

Ahh this week, I've gone a bit backwards in trying to be minimalistic in my planner. I've had a week where a lot of things had to be recorded so this has resulted in a somewhat messy week and I apologise for this! A lot has had to be pixelated too, due to it being sensitive information.

How has your week been? Also, anyone know of any jobs in London that would want someone for just under five months? ;)


  1. I work for an accountancy firm and I think we are looking for a receptionist on a temporary basis if that's something that interests you! Based in North East London :)

    1. Ahh, that would have been ideal but commuting to north east London is a bit far for me (I'm in South West London, so the opposite side :( ) thanks though! Have applied for two jobs in this area so hopefully one comes through :-) x

  2. You have only applied for TWO jobs? Not meaning to be rude but you won't eat a job just having applied for two Hun. You need to apply for everything and anything given its only going to be temporary! You just can't pick and choose anymore.

    1. Without meaning to sound too defensive, I have various reasons for only having applied for (now) three this week. I don't feel like I need to explain myself but will anyway:

      1) Because I am only able to work for 5 months, I feel it would be morally wrong to apply for any role that would 'train' me up for a more permanent role - this would be a waste of resources for the company and I feel that it would also be wrong for me to take advantage of that

      2) I am limited by public transport as to where I can work so shifts that start in the middle of the night (such as delivery drivers - which is pretty much what my local area has to offer in terms of the majority of job adverts) are not ones that I could feasibly do.

      3) I am also limited by a small area to do my job search in (though at a stretch, could do central London). This is because I recognise that I am going for pretty much minimum wage jobs and the cost of travelling too far would be too much of a dent in the wage packet.

      4) Most of the job adverts I have come across ask for minimum x months experience, or the applicant has to hold an NVQ in this/that/other and so I know I am underqualified for them. Applying for these would be a waste of time for me and the HR person who has to go through my application.

      5) I have only recently started up a proper job hunt as I have finally settled into this new area. I only moved here a month and a half ago and it has taken my a while to settle in, find my feet and know enough about the area to apply for jobs.

      Personally, I don't feel I am picking and choosing. I applied for about twenty jobs in the month of January and did not hear back from a single one. February is a moot point as I moved at the beginning of that month. Furthermore, I've applied for jobs that I know I am overqualified for (without meaning that to sound rude) but even that doesn't seem to have helped. I feel that applying for anything and everything would not be beneficial as quite honestly, I have enough savings to live on until September - it is just a matter of finding something that I would want to pass the time with. Hence why I've been applying for jobs with customer contact, jobs in an admin role (strangely, I enjoy that) and also healthcare jobs that have patient contact.

      As for your point that I won't get a job having only applied for two - I actually got a job offer last year after applying for only two or three jobs at the time, so I do select the job vacancies to apply for quite carefully. I think having done my thorough research is better than just applying to all willy-nilly.

      Anyway, I will end this comment here as I think I've outlined my reasons quite clearly. I hope I haven't come across as rude, aloof, defensive and whatever else as that was not my intention. I just wanted to clear up any misconceptions any reader might have.

      Angela x