4 Mar 2013

a minimalist desk, part II

Last year, I blogged about decluttering and minimalism and this little project of mine has been going well. I threw a lot of things out and also gave a lot of things to charity in December and January, and this process is still going on.

Anyway, in that aforementioned blog post, I showed a picture of my desk. I have since invested (if you can call it that - it is just a basic table from Ikea!) in a new desk as that one was breaking down and the colour was chipping off, etc. And with this new 'investment', I will show you how this new desk looks, how I have organised it and also how it will work for me when I start studying once again in September.

So firstly, a picture of the desk:

On my desk, I have my laptop, a desk lamp (not shown), a Martha Stewart x Avery StackFit drawer, a box of tissues, a pot of pens (just a Muji Acrylic Pen Pot) and desk tidy (from WH Smith).

In the Martha Stewart x Avery drawer, I have separated it into compartments using boxes from past orders of high street jewellery from ASOS (these turned out to be the ideal size) and also boxes or containers from other various things. Currently, it is quite empty as I am still steadily unpacking my stationery into various places!

On the top of these drawers, I put important papers that I would need within the next week or two. These include forms that need filling in, card statements that need filing away at the next opportunity or even a letter that needs posting.

Next, the desk tidy. This is useful for putting my journal, my Slimline Deco (which is currently holding my food diary) and a booklet that will be helpful in the next few months.

It also holds a wad of sticky notes, pens and other useful implements such as rulers, scissors, etc.

Finally, my pen pot!

I love that it is clear and round. I've seen square acrylic ones but I just feel that the square shape isn't as pretty as a round shape. The fact that it is clear means that it is easy to find the colour pen that I want to use. In the past, I used a tin (that I decorated with washi tape) but finding the colour pen I wanted was time consuming, and sometimes quite frustrating and so that is why I much prefer this pen pot.

The view from the bottom of the pen pot.
I have decorated it with some washi tape:

I just used simple colours (a pink and white stripe, gold and silver) to decorate it. However, if I feel I prefer it without this decoration, the good thing about washi tape is that I can just remove it and re-use it in another way.

With this desk, I love how big it is. It is big enough for everything I need, and when I come to study, this will prove very, very useful. There is plenty of space for two or three textbooks, a notepad and my laptop which may be necessary for online research. As this desk is where the studying will take place, I will need to make an effort to ensure that it stays as minimalistic as possible, so as to remove any potential distractions. This may include putting my laptop into a drawer if necessary as I have a small chest of drawers under the table at the moment!

I am thinking of moving the StackFit drawer to my bookcase but for now, I am content with how my desk looks so it will stay put.


  1. I need to make my desk like this so I can use it! I hate my desk at the moment, I have too much rubbish!!! I would love to go minimalist like you are!!! SO MUCH! I just do not know where to being :( xxx

    1. Hehe, I hate having a desk full of clutter so I've been trying to cut down a lot on the stuff on it. It helps with studying though and I've been learning anatomy and physiology in preparation for September as I've heard that the first year is going to be really intense in terms of workload :( trying to get a headstart hehe.

      If I lived nearer to you, I would have offered to come help with your desk!! But I won't be going to Exeter next year so maybe we can do it over the internet or something sometime hehe xxx

    2. Hehe thank you :)

      I have made a start with my clothing as I want a new chest of draws, I have a build in wardrobe you see, so I took out and hung up as much as I could, I took out all the clothes I do not need and will put them in the clothes bin tomorrow.

      I have started to declutter my desk!

      I am also redecorating my room to make it lighter and nicer and fresher!

      I am looking for new desk and chest of draws, I am having a smaller tv with imbuilt dvd (I feel like a horder after watching the hording programme)

      I am clearing out all my excess stationery too, my next issues is CD's and DVD's... Then I will sort my desk completly, get a new one and clear out wardrobe :D hehe xxx

    3. Wow, sounds like you're trying to declutter every aspect of your room! I've noticed you've already done your stationery hehe and I am sure you'll be done with everything in no time if you manage those at the same rate as your stationery x

  2. Wow, lovely desk!

    I tend to keep my desk at the office super tidy but my desk at home is a mess. Part of my system is to drop all papers I need to keep on my desk, and then once a week I file them away. I try, sometimes, to file immediately, but often I have a stack of documents sorted out and don't have the time or the motivation to stuff them into my files. The result being a pile of papers, check stubs, receipts, etc. etc. all piled on. Plus a laptop computer, a stapler, a pile of assorted books...

    For work, I need to follow your example and get some practical desktop organizing containers for pens, scissors, pencils, paperclips, business cards, etc. All of this gets shoved into drawers currently which keeps it out of sight but it's much handier to have it out and in view.

    1. Thank you! Ah, I think the key point with the papers is that you just leave them to fest for that once a week event where you file them. I think if you filed them away immediately, the clutter on your desk is minimalised. Or, have an in-tray where that is the only cluttered area. My Martha Stewart drawer has been ideal for that - I hear the range has been discounted in Staples stores in the US so it might be worth a look if you're interested.

      I love the Muji acrylic desktop organisation range (I make no bones about the fact I love Muji - they should employ me as their social media person or something!) but I am sure there are cheaper, and equally good looking, products out there x

  3. Charlène from France16 March 2013 at 17:29

    Wao, look very professional.
    I'm bad at keeping my desk tidy

    1. Aw thank you! It takes a lot of effort to keep it tidy but it is worth it :) x