19 Mar 2013

my week round-up #11

Can you believe that eleven weeks of 2013 have already passed? And another Tuesday can only mean another round-up.

{1} Katie Louise Halsall
{2} Lady Elizabeth's Life
{3} Lucy Wonderland
{4} Leesh
{5} The Nest Not Exactly Empty
{6} Nerd-Zilla
{7} Macarons et Cupcakes
{8} Miss Mai's Adventures
{9} Well Planned Life
{10} The Wonderful Life of Alice
{11} Behind My Purpley Life
{12} She's Eclectic
{13} Me And My Crazy Obsessions
{14} Femme Musings
{15} This Little Life of Mine
{16} Katie Louise Halsall
{17} Deligted
{18} Bake, Write and Live Life
{19} Imy's World <-- her Mulberry is arriving today, aren't you just so excited to see it :D (I am!)
{20} Red Lips 'n' Pearls
{21} DIY Sara
{22} Puddytat Purr

And this week's favourite?

Credit: Liz at Me and My Crazy Obsessions

This week, I was on the lookout for a week that was a bit more minimalistic and had less washi tape, stickers and whatnot. However, I actually found myself drawn to Liz's week instead. Her handwriting is beautiful (pretty sure I say this every week...! I think I have serious handwriting envy.) but I just love how 'used' these pages look. Used and abused, that's how I like things ;) (just kidding!).


  1. Magnificent links! Thank you for making them to us share!

    1. Hehe no problem. Glad you enjoy looking at them! x

  2. AWW!! It's me!! I'm so happy! Thank you! I'm bad about having to much going on in my dairy section. :)

  3. You missed me this week :o( Not that my Filo is fun...lol xx

    1. Heya, I think yours is included in next week's as it wasn't posted before this round-up went live :) hope that's ok x

    2. Oh yay!!! No problems, Love this weeks round up I always get ideas for mine xx

  4. beautiful page!!
    thank you for adding me ;)

  5. Thanks for sharing & love Liz's pages :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed this week's round up :-) I loved her pages too, her handwriting definitely adds some personality to her diary pages x