23 Jun 2013

my week #62

I've had another busy week where I've been feeling quite exhausted, come the end of the week. I slept for eleven hours straight on Thursday night and that kind of says it all! 

This week, I aimed more for colour and decorating through the use of pens rather than stickers (though there are quite a few) and washi tape (again, there is some but I would say there is less than about a year ago).

How has your week been? Are you constantly experimenting with decorating your pages?


  1. There are still quite a few stickers! ♥♥ They're so cute though. :)

    I've been busy too with exams. I'm exhausted.

    1. Ahh I feel your pain - I'm exhausted at the moment too :( good luck for exams! x

  2. Can I ask what app you use to apply those masks over the info you don't want people to see?