19 Jun 2013

a blast from the past - an old planner of mine

Whilst unpacking, I found this planner that I used for a few months during my first year at university. I had the choice of using a Filofax or this planner and I remember opting for this one as it was so pretty and cute. You will see why as the post goes on :)

I had bought this planner in Hong Kong in the summer of 2009 because of the front cover. The colours were muted and the picture was illustrated - this was reason enough to plonk down a few Hong Kong dollars just so I could call it mine!

Anyway, inside, there were weekly planning pages. Here is how I used them at the time:

And yet another week (you can see that I've always used a fair bit of colour!):

And one final week before I show you the bulk of the planning pages:

After the weekly pages, there were more weekly pages, but this time with more space. The cute illustrations are a constant theme in this planner.

The next picture shows yet another week, but a more messy (and busy!) one. It was at this point that I reverted back to a Filofax as the mess got too much for me.

There were a few random note pages spread out through the planner. Here is one of them:

There were also some cute pages which had illustrations like this:

At the back, there were more note pages (which also had illustrations), some 'contacts' pages and an 'about me' page at the back.

I posted about this planner back in August 2012 but this is a more thorough post with regards to the actual planning pages. I have hacked away any spare pages and then punched them for use in my organiser but with the paper so cute, I've not had the guts to use them yet - do any of you also get the stationery jitters when things are too cute?!


  1. Nice planner! I like Asian planners, I could fill up an empty suitcase with stationery if I ever went to Hong Kong or Tokyo!!
    But I wonder if the 'weekly' pages that have 5 boxes of vertical days are actually monthly planners? Each box is 1 day, 5 weeks etc?

    1. I'm not sure - I think they are pretty much free to be used how you want. I just love how Chinese/Korean planners (not experienced Japanese ones yet!) are a blank canvas and to be used how you fancy :) I think those boxes could be used either way depending on the user's needs x

  2. Hi,
    I see you use some Smythson paper. Do their holes fit personal size Filofax binders? How about the A5. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi! Yes, the Bond Street size and Filofax personal size are identical in size and hole placement. As far as I know, the Duke size organisers are equivalent to Filofax A5 organiser size but don't quote me on that - I haven't done a direct side by side comparison and that is only what I have heard. I can only vouch 100% for the personal sized paper :) x

    2. Thank you, that helps!!

  3. Awww such a cute planner! I love the idea of using a planner, but I never stick with it :( x


    1. Thank you! And aw, maybe you just don't need one right now? :) x