12 Jun 2013

my current Smythson set-up - six months on

A few weeks' ago, I tweaked the set-up of my Smythson. I've ended up cramming a lot into a small space (23mm rings!) and so, here I am with a, mainly, pictorial tour of my Smythson. 

When you now open up my binder, there's some notepaper sheets, some sticker dots and MS teardrop stickers on the left. And on the right, I have a transparent flyleaf with washi tape on.

Followed by a few sheets of personal info (not shown) and then some advice for medschool and clinicals. The advice is from the doctor I shadowed in the summer of 2011.

Then I have another page of important info - passport details, bus details and other random bits of information that I deem of some importance.

After that is my survey record...

Then a page of work outs...

My bucket list and another flyleaf of random washi tape (this is from about a year ago but I only slipped it in recently!):

A monthly planner, printed on cream 80gsm paper and downloaded from Philofaxy:

And then my diary, with two sticky notes (the top one is explained in this post here):

More sticky notes with information on and then my diary pages (not shown):

And my blog planning section has moved to the back now:

More blog post planning:

To-do lists...

The final tab is for notepaper:

Examples of notes I keep in my binder - train times and a list of food I want to make, along with a tally of the number of notebooks I have (I have since added to my notebook collection so this number is now out of date...!):

 Planning my room decoration and also house decoration:

And finally, the clear plastic pocket of photos that I have kept in my diary since (what feels like) forever:

Quite a bit has changed since I last posted about this set-up but most of the insides are the same. I've managed to slim it down considerably but at the same time, cram a lot into it. I also love how uncluttered my binder now is as all of its contents are what I deem essentials.

Have you changed your set-up since the start of the year?


  1. You're so organised! I enjoy reading about your diaries.

    1. Aw thank you! Glad you enjoyed this post hehe x

  2. I have that George Bernard Shaw quote in my filo too! In my 'personal' tab with little titbits of motivation and things to make me smile :)

    1. Hehe I love that quote :) Seems we have great taste in quotes! x

  3. I love your handwriting. It's so neat and consistent. I'm sure this has been asked and answered, but would you mind telling me what pens you write with? Thanks!

    1. Aw thank you. I use a mixture of pens - Pentel Energel 0.5, Muji gel 0.5, etc. I've got a more complete list on my 'about page' as I can't think of others off of the top of my head :) x

  4. So neat and tidy, definitely elicits a case of the wanties :)

  5. How do you punch the holes on your print-outs so perfectly?! I'm having a serious case of the 'how does she do it?' right now haha