21 Jun 2013

what I use washi tape for

I've had this post written for quite a few months' now but have only just got round to posting it as I kept forgetting to take pictures for it.

I've been using washi tape for about two years now, but only started using it in my diary eighteen months ago. Anyway, I thought I'd do a post on what I personally use washi tape for and why.

As a Highlighter

I personally dislike ink highlighters as it always ends up smudging the other pens I use in my planner and consequently, makes everything look messy. Washi tape offers a better and more varied alternative in my view :)

To Jazz Up Things

Such as this pen pot from Muji:

I also jazzed up an old tin can for use as a pen pot too.

Another thing I decided to try and 'prettify' (I hope that's a word) is plain or ruled notepaper:

To Temporarily Label Tabs

You can read more about that here. I find this is a good way to test out tabs before you permanently label them :)

To Make a Cute Resolutions Page

Let's be honest, resolutions are rarely fun so making them appear to be so, is important!

And finally...

To Add Something Visual To My Diary

Washi tape helps add colour, is a highlighter (as mentioned earlier) and if patterned, adds something visual to planning. I don't think I am 'arty' at all so this also presents an outlet for me to try and be more creative than I would normally be. With things like this, it can be quite easy to go overboard and want to use everything everywhere so I think the week I have shown above shows that washi tape can be used to decorate and be functional at the same time.

Though I also use washi tape in other random ways, I thought I'd include the more accessible ones in this post and I hope you've enjoyed seeing and reading about them :)


  1. I love the resolutions page! And your diary pages always look super cute!

  2. 60 sit ups? That would kill me! ♥
    Washi tape does make things look so beautiful though.

    1. Sixty sit ups usually kill me too but I find the pain worth it :) I've not done them since my operation though (I've replaced them with press ups instead) as my surgical scar still niggles a bit when doing sit ups :S x