4 Jun 2013

Refreshing My Room With Laura Ashley

I recently came across a competition by Tales of Annie Bean where she's offering the chance to win £1000 in Laura Ashley vouchers. What else could I do but enter? I love Laura Ashley stuff but am yet to own any unfortunately. Hopefully that will change...?!

Anyway, the challenge is to show what items of furniture and accessories I would use to refresh my bedroom.

my room at the moment

As you probably know by now, my room has been an ongoing project for the past three months (I've been doing it all bit by bit, on my own or with a little help from friends) and it is just about done now. A more detailed blog post about it all will go live soon, I promise!

Anyway, the painting has been done, curtains are up, wardrobes up, etc but I'm currently 'make-doing' with a lot of furniture that desperately needs replacing. And that is why I want to enter this competition!

For example, I have some bedside drawers that are at least eleven years' old now! That's half of my age...!

the items i would choose to refresh my bedroom

Here are the items I chose in the end...

All pictures in this collage are from the Laura Ashley website.

Provencale Carver Dining Chair
Although designed to be in the dining room, I've been looking for a French country-style chair with armrests for a long time. I've yet to find one within my budget but this one is beautiful and makes me wish I had won the lottery!

Also, as my room is also a place for (occasionally) studying in, I need a comfy chair that also adds that little bit of charm to my room decor.

Heather Embroidered Dot Quilt and Emslie Natural Stripe Throw
For the sole purpose of jazzing up my bed and making it look more homely.

Clifton Bedside Cabinet
As I said earlier, the one I currently have is at least eleven years' old. The drawer runners are starting to stick and I will need a new one soon!

And finally...

Ceramic Rose Trinket Box
I like to have a bowl or dish to hold my car and house keys in. This is so that when I'm on my way out, I can just grab them from the bowl and head out; or if I've come home after a long day, I can throw them back in there without worrying about where they are the next time I leave the house. At the moment, I'm using an ugly green mock-croc jewellery holder but I would love to upgrade to something prettier. This trinket box definitely fits the bill!

These are my picks and would be what I'd add to my basket if I were to win the voucher. I don't need a new bed or mattress (I replaced my old ones back in October 2012) and although my room is definitely live-able the way it is now, that's not to say I wouldn't jump at the chance to refresh my room if the opportunity were to present itself :)

Like I said, a full post on my room decor is coming soon - it's all written and will go live soon!


  1. you have a very lovely room!!

  2. I have to agree with Kirsty it really is a lovely room.

  3. Your room is beautiful! ♥ Your furniture looks great. :D I love to revamp furniture, sometimes a lick of paint can make such a difference.


    1. Aw thank you! A lick of paint definitely makes a huge difference - when we first moved in, my room was an ugly shade of yellow! :) x