13 Jan 2013

my week #39

The first week of the 'my week' network has been a success. I was overwhelmed by how many of you wanted to take part, and seeing all of the weeks posted online was a joy. At the moment, I really need distracting from all the packing and decluttering and the dilemma about choosing a 'favourite' week was  a hard, but a welcome distraction. Here is the first week's round-up if you've not yet seen.

Unfortunately, this week, my camerawork was a bit off centre! Sorry about this. My week has been full of packing and taking things to a local charity shop. Having been in this house for eleven years, we have a lot of clutter and also a lot to pack.

We're moving in just over three weeks' now, so not long to go, and not at all a long time to pack.

Anyway, on a more random note, I'm reading 'The Nanny Diaries' at the moment and look what came up:

Post-its?! She's clearly not a true stationery addict. Otherwise, she would have post-its in an abundance ;)

How was your week?


  1. I'm always so, so impressed with how beautiful you keep your lay-out! Mine is just made up of 3-4 to-do ticks plus assignments!

    1. Aw thank you! I kind of use it as a journal too, where I just write down one or two things that I'd done and stuff. Assignments and to-dos were something which featured heavily when I was at university, but not anymore (yay!) xxx

  2. Wow! I love this. I wouldn't even think to come up with something so artistic. I have a feeling that my daily pages (when I finally get around to posting pictures) won't be as creative as many of the others I have seen.

    Funny, about the Nanny Diaries. Filofax comes up again in the sequel: http://wellplannedlife.blogspot.com/2010/01/filofax-sighting-1.html?m=0

    1. It actually looks quite messy to me... I'm still trying to find a balance between being creative and neat! That's fine about your pages - it would be nice to see some more 'professional' ones too ;) just in case I start a job where I will need to use my diary everyday and so it would need a decrease in colour and stickers!

      Gonna make a note to read the sequel to The Nanny Diaries now ;) x