12 Jan 2013

my week round up #1

It's been over a week since I posted this on a 'my week' network and well, it has been a success :) Seeing the different types of inserts people use (I've seen WH Smith inserts, horizontal Filofax diary inserts and a DodoPad to name a few) and also brilliant to see the different ways a planner is used by different people.

Next week, this post will be on a Thursday instead, and hopefully, as time goes by, I can start doing these on a Monday or Tuesday. This is just to ensure that I can include everyone who takes part because I recognise that you might all have chosen different days to post your week on. The majority were Sunday/Monday, so Tuesday is a day that makes sense? Let me know what you think about this.

Here are links to posts from people that are joining in and showing off their week (in no particular order):

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{6} Puddytat Purr
{7} Imysworld
{8} Yay For Fridays
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{10} Distracted Whimsy
{11} The Journal Keeper
{12} Imogen Rose Beauty
{13} Filofaximile
{14} Rain by XOXO
{15} My Purpley Life
{16} Absharinaaa

Have I missed your week out? Let me know by commenting below (I try not to sit on the internet all day, every day, so it might happen accidentally!).

Also, it's never too late to join! Check out this post for more information :)

Anyway, every week, I will be picking my favourite week (or two!) and this week, the winner is...

Jennifer's from My Purpley Life:

Credit: My Purpley Life

I love how neat the handwriting is and how she has written everything on straight lines, but on plain paper (how?! Please share your secret!). And purple ink is always a win in my eyes :-) The simplicity of it is brilliant and look at all those ticked to-dos!
I'm already looking forward to next week's various posts and pictures! :D Hopefully, by introducing this friendly competition with a 'winner' chosen each week, we can all strive to have a more functional, but also pretty planning pages (though, I have seen pages that were plainer, but equally beautiful!) :)


  1. Hi, I'd like to join too! I've added your button to my blog :) My blog is not stationary related, lol, so don't be alarmed when you click through :P


    I'll start posting my week from next week? :)

    1. Awesome! Added you to my list, and you can post your week on whichever day you want :-) looking forward to seeing your first week :D x

  2. I want to know the secret to writing so straight aswell! Hahah... I can never write straight on plain paper! It looks so neat compared to mine.

    1. Haha, I've resorted to putting lined paper in between the diary inserts :( it bulks up my planner now :( x

  3. Wow! I'm so happy!!! Thank you so much for choosing me Angela!!! I honestly don't know how I write that way maybe because I take my time? I guess I owe it to my 6th grade teacher who made me practice my handwriting all the time and striving to write as beautifully as my other classmates. I do use alot of tick boxes. I wish there was an easier way instead of drawing them each time. I'm glad you all enjoy it!

    1. Hehe no problem :-) Ahh now I wish my teachers had made me practice handwriting! Might start now ;) x

  4. I'd like to join too! I added your button to my blog :)


    1. Heya! Thank you for taking part - I've added your blog to my list. I don't see the button in the sidebar though? :) Looking forward to seeing your week posts! x

  5. Hi I assume I should post my week to my blog! I was not sure. I love seeing the other weeks!

    1. Yup! Just do a blogpost each week with a picture of your week and that's it :) can't wait to see your first post on this :D x