4 Jan 2013

2013 resolutions - but with a twist!

A new year has dawned on us, and with a new diary on hand (2013, yay!), obviously, it's the time where (some) people make resolutions. I used to make silly ones - lose weight, do well in exams, pass my driving test, etc. However, this year, I've opted to make resolutions that are more attainable and more about myself, rather than my potential achievements.

A lot of my resolutions coincide with my happiness project too and that was done on purpose. From what I experienced back in my second year at university, it really helped me put things into perspective and with a new chapter in my life just starting, I feel now is the perfect time to start with concentrating on myself and my own happiness instead of making the same mistakes I made when I was younger, even though I am not that old now.

Obviously, I have career goals, goals that can be 'measured', etc for this year too but those can't be classified as resolutions because it's all very well and good saying 'I aim to be promoted' or 'I want to change jobs and be a x instead' but these are 50% in our own hands and 50% not. I wanted resolutions that are 100% in my control and the above eight were the ones I came up with. 

What kind of resolutions have you made for 2013? Did you make any? If you didn't, why not? If you did, what are they and why have you chosen them? Did you choose ones that you could measure? I think most of mine are unmeasurable but I chose them to try and make myself a better person :-)

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