31 Jan 2013

stationery addicts anonymous meeting #9: @purplebag2

Apologies for the gap between these meetings. I have had a backlog of posts of publish and so that is why this meeting comes two weeks after the previous one. Before we get started this week, I just want to say that if anyone wants to talk about their addiction in an upcoming meeting, please email me at paperlovestory @ outlook.com :-) You are free to remain anonymous, of course.

This week, we hear about @purplebag2's addiction. She is choosing to remain anonymous, bar a Twitter handle, but I can definitely vouch for how nice she is (and that she is real!) :) thank you, for sharing your three favourite items this week :)


I have been an addict of stationery for as long as I can remember, buying pens, notebooks, stickers etc with my pocket money as a child. There are so many things I have that I could write about including my Muji erasable pens but I wanted to be good and just stick with 3. These are my current 3 favourite stationery items, it took me quite a while to decide but these are the things I use and like most at the moment.

1. Sheaffer Delta grip ball point pens

 I found these in Partner’s (a stationery shop no longer trading) a few a years ago and bought a couple because I liked the look of them. After using them and realising how good they were and the price dropping to 49p I stocked up. I use them everyday both at work and home and think they are great.

2. Washi Tape

I found out about washi tape through twitter and blogs including Angela’s. It’s brilliant for sticking things in notebooks, my filofax etc. I love that there are so many different designs and colours and the usefulness of it. Most of mine was brought from Prints International in London and the Moomin one was from Artbox.

3. Mini Memo Pads

I only found these recently but think they are so useful to use in my Midori and Filofax. Sticking them in using a bit of washi tape instead of sticky notes works out cheaper and they are so lovely to look at. I got mine from the Artbox shop in Covent Garden which I love.


I love the look of those Sheaffer ball pens. I'm not a big ball pen user but I do pick one up from time to time. I love how colourful they are :)

Thank you, once again, @purplebag2, for sharing your three favourite items (and possibly feeding some of the readers' addiction too!) :)

Would you like to be featured one week? If so, please email me at paperlovestory @ outlook.com :)

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