24 Oct 2012

what's in my bag #9

I'm actually at my graduation today so this is a scheduled post! I won't be carrying a bag (at least, I'll be trying not to and will just wear something with deep, deep pockets!) but here is a 'what's in my bag post' anyway.

Bet you thought these posts were extinct on my blog! Here is what I recently carried in my Bella hobo. 

First, the bag (obviously). It's just so beautiful!

And here is what I lug around with me:

My Osterley plum in personal, Luella purse, pocket mirror, Strepsils cool (hay fever gives me a really bad sore throat), mint Mentos, eye drops, my Kindle K4, hand cream and my medicine and health bag.

I've really tried to cut down on what I lug around, but sometimes, I throw in the odd extra, such as a bottle of water. However, this is the minimum I would go out with as these are pretty much all essentials!

What have you been carrying around with you?


  1. I have a tendency to carry around a copious amount of things... things I do not even touch during the day D:

    I've learnt not to carry makeup with me because I don't ever do touch ups other than lip product.

    But yeah, I'm trying to cut down on the amount of things I put in my bag.

    1. I guess cutting down what to cart around on a daily basis is a learning process :) I used to carry around things I thought were necessities but I now know better (things such as make up - not unlike yourself hehe) x

  2. Your bag is so cute! :) and I usually carry an excessive amount in my bag, eek! Good luck at grad btw :) <3