17 Oct 2012

reference sheets

We all have these in our Filofax organisers, but what kind of sheets do you have?

I'm intrigued because all of us are quite individual and I just wonder about how different we are in terms of the reference sheets we keep.

For me, I have the following:
- a list of gluten free foods

- my 30 for 30 clothes challenge details
- my own personal 'Thriving on Less' tips and stuff

- Projects that I want to accomplish in the next year or so
- a whole 'Jobs' section to track what jobs I have applied for, CV details, cover letter tips, interview tips, interview question bank and a list of clothes I already have that can be passed for work clothing (so I don't get tempted to buy anymore clothes on the pretence of buying them 'for work'

- a resolutions page

And that's it really!

What do you have, and why? Do you think you could do without a few of your reference sheets and just put them into another Filofax which acts as your 'stay-at-home-Filofax'?


  1. In my filofax so far:

    University Class overviews
    Periodic Table Fold-out
    Nail Polish Lemming List
    Clean Eating Guidelines
    Weight Loss Goals & Rewards
    Lyrics page (for when 1 line of a random song pops into my head)
    'To Purchase' List
    Skincare Routine
    Blogilates Calender
    Water Checkpoint System

    I only really use 1 filofax at a time (currently a Personal Adelphi in Black), and l always carry these out with me so l remember to eat well and not make impulsive purchases.

    1. Whoa, you have a lot in there! What is a Blogilates calender? x

    2. I actually find that my Adelphi fits so much more stuff than the Metropol. BTW, l fell in love with your 'Life As A Adelphi' post.

      Blogilates is here: http://www.blogilates.com/

      It's a monthly exercise calender sent to your email. I really love the Blogilates girl Cassie, her energy and happiness makes me come to enjoy exercising.

    3. I checked out her blog :) there are so many activities for each day that I might just pick one for each day and focus on that hehe x

  2. I recently got a new personal finchley in mustard, and I've filled it to the brim with things! My 'reference' sheets/tabs are:
    College: TImetable, train times, how many UCAS points I have currently.
    FInances: Budgets, savings, expenses etc.
    Uni: Unis to research, UCAS account info.
    Jobs: Keeping track of which jobs I've applied for etc.
    Samaritans: Keeping track of my training for Samaritans and other volunteers phone numbers

    I think I would like to have a 'home filo' btu I don't think I have enough 'home' stuff to decently fill one just yet :')

    1. Love how you have so many sections in your Filofax and also the stuff within these sections. You could maybe use a Compact or a Slimline as a home Filo? Hehe, sorry for enabling x

    2. Hehe it's okay! I've been tempted, I have a pocket finchley in teal as well which I've been considering putting some project information in there to save space, but the idea of a brand new compact/slimline is ever so tempting ;D x