2 Oct 2012

september "can't live withouts"

Another month, another post about the things I couldn't have lived without and why!

Top of the list - my slimline Deco and my personal Osterley. I've been using them together as I'm still sorting out the big Deco move-in. I love both though and they have come in useful for blog planning, day planning and for many, many other reasons. I found myself depending a lot more on my Filofax organisers than usual.

Job interviews, seeing friends and travelling for leisure (however minimal that last one was!) meant that my railcard came in very handy. I get it free with my student account (now graduate account, sob!) at Natwest and even if I hadn't, I think I still would have bought one as I have saved so much with it. I've linked it to my Oyster so it's been doubly useful for me.

With many appointments and plans changing, my Muji Erasables pen has been a lifesaver. I'm a bit of a neat-freak when it comes to organising; I dislike crossing things out and I like to have everything as neat as possible but also have everything looking vibrant too (which is why I use stickers, washi tape and colour).

Another stationery item (oh, how exciting my September might now sound to you!). I bought these Rilakkuma stamps a few months ago and I love them. No lie. Cross my heart and hope to die. I've been going a bit stamp crazy this month and here is just one occasion where I used one of the stamps:

And this is the set of stamps themselves. There are two ink pads on the right but I found having only red and pink a bit restricting so I found 8 ink pads for £1.98 altogether and now have other colour options too.

Finally, September has been a MEGA month of organising. This 'to-do' list is useful for planning my October to December events. It is probably more reflective of October to mid-November though as I don't anticipate much travelling from mid-November til the New Year. Most of it to do with friends and people I am close to from my university days as my bestest (I don't think that's a word but I don't care, my blog, my choice of words ;) ) friends were made there.

There you have it. Quite a boring month to be honest as it mainly involved planning and organising the next few months (I'm on a bit of a mini-gap-year) so many lists and my Erasable pens from Muji are seeing a lot of use as a result of all the planning and chopping and changing of pre-arranged events.

How was your September?


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! However, last time I was in London, they appear to be out of the dark/mid blue that I use a lot! Seems they are very popular x

  2. Can't wait to see the Deco inside! Too pretty!

  3. I love all your writing and paper you use ..!.
    I like even the little scribble (no offense ) are nice ...!..

  4. Those are 2 beautiful planners! Lovely colors!

    1. I know hehe :) I love the colour of them too (muted, but also colourful enough to not be boring) x