30 Oct 2012

all stars guest post: Vanja of Vanjilla!

Today, I'm featuring an All Stars guest post from the lovely Vanja. You might know her as the blogger over at Vanjilla :)


Uh oh... as if page fright wasn't enough by itself, now here's Angela's blank page staring at me.
Can you imagine that? Geeee. :)

Is there possibly a way of not messing it up?!
(must not think of her ever immaculate chic posts, must not think of her ever immaculate chic posts...!) 

Well, I'll try and do my best and play it safe: I'll show you my favourite Filofaxes.

1. Mini Balmoral in Black and a Personal Malden in Vintage Pink: my current daily Filofaxes.

The Balmoral is one of the Filofax "dinosaurs" that I wish were still produced: stylish, glossy, hardwearing, screaming quality! I was after one for a long while - having been seduced by Cat's magical one - and I say: if you encounter a Balmoral, grab it without thinking!
I love it as a wallet and have therefore rewarded it with a Filofax pen - and now they shine together in my handbag! 

And the Malden? Ahhh, the Malden! :) Need I say more, majority of you has, just like me, been bitten by the Malden Bug last autumn! 
It wasn't love at first sight though (I bought it online without seeing it in person first), I loved the colour and the leather, but not the pockets for some unknown reason. So I kept it in my drawer for a year, installed it recently because of my longing for its creamy colour  - and now it's a fresh romance! Go figure! :)

2. Personal Amazona in Black and in Almond.

They are my two princesses. Seriously.
When still fresh in Filofaxland, they were THE OBJECT of my dreams and I kept watching them and daydreaming about them. I'm not sure, maybe I even said good morning and good night to them during some periods of time! :)
Then along came Imy with her uber-cute Amazona series; she mercilessly pushed me into acquiring the Black one and when I got it, the Almond one was just a question of time: pure love!

 3. Personal Piccadilly in Apple Green.

I'd probably never know about the Piccadilly hadn't I incidentally seen this. I was intrigued, yes, but as it was nowhere to be found... well, it was obviously meant to be, though, because my mother got me one as a present! Mind you: a person without a clue about Filofaxes stumbled upon a brand new Piccadilly in 2011! :) 
I called it my ultimate love affair and it still is; because of its racy colour (how I miss this in current Filofax range!), cute button on the clasp (a thing of mine...), perfect pocket layout (there are 7 horizontal pockets on the left and I cannot tell you how very different they feel compared to those vertical ones - sorry Malden and Baroque!) and beautifully padded soft grained leather. And the sentimental value and beautiful memories, of course! But there's also something irrational about it, like some supernatural powers to it! :)
I keep it in my collection but I don't use it currently; it got some scratches and I began to panic about it!

 4. Personal Baroque in Teal.

My very own enchanted forest, gained after much sacrifice and pain. Need I say more? :)

5. Personal Finchley in Vintage Pink.

Courtesy of Angela's. :)  I wasn't into Finchleys until I saw Angela's Finchleys in use. When I saw them, I was smitten. How she manages to make them supercute and so ladylike both at the same time is beyond my understanding. :)   This one is brand new, I got it extra cheap just two days after loosing one extremely expensive on eBay - again, talking about meant-to-be-s! I plan to use this one as my next everday planner, its warm colour could be perfect for wintertime!

6. Personal Finsbury Zip in Pink.

My journal. And one of the prettiest models around, if you ask me, which by some strange injustice just didn't get the attention it deserves: it is beautifully shaped and sleek and the zipper - oh the zipper! I know many of you don't like it, but to me it feels like a lock on the door of my untidy creative studio: I can leave it the way I want to and when I return, all is still the way I left it.
And if I didn't convince you, try this! :)

Well, now I have really let you directly into my Filofax soul - I hope you have enjoyed the trip! :)

Angela, thank you so much for letting me appear on your blog, I feel like a really grown up blogger now! :)


Thanks, Vanja for this lovely post! I really enjoyed reading it and you're way too complimentary about my posts! My personal favourite in this post is the green Picadilly. The colour is amazing and it's a model rarely blogged about.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did :)

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  1. Fabulous post! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. And as always...your pictures are wonderful