20 Oct 2012

custom undated filofax monthly plan inserts

To add to my custom inserts I blogged about last month, I decided to make my own monthly planner inserts. I looked at the ones Ray and Steve had made before making them to see if any of them were suitable for my needs as unfortunately, I wanted a horizontal planner as opposed to the month planner as boxes.

So, I made these. They are undated and I've found them perfect for blog planning. I tend to schedule posts well in advance (because sometimes, I'm in the mood to write loads of posts or have many ideas and so, I schedule some of them) and I found these planners very useful. As a result, they have gone straight into my 'blog' section of my Filofax.

Not only are they ideal for bloggers, they can also be ideal for normal use too. I know most people prefer boxes but personally, I prefer this kind of layout.

Here is a slideshow showing the ones I made (I decorated the top with washi tape and wrote the month on):

The download links:

28 days / / download

29 days / / download

30 days / / download

31 days / / download

Again, please may I ask that you do not redistribute these. They are fine for personal use though. I don't anticipate them being popular but still.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing these! I was just thinking this morning that I needed a monthly planner in this format, and you've come to my rescue :) Much appreciated!

    1. Hehe no problem. Glad they will come of use! :) x